Privacy Policy



At GREEK FLYING DOCTORS, a member of LIFE LINE AVIATION, we are committed to always acting in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection legislation, in the most professional manner.

In order to offer you the services you have selected on the flight of your choice, it is necessary for us to collect some of your Personal Data. You will always be informed about the information we request and why we collect and retain your information. If you have chosen to make your reservation through a travel agent or other booking systems, you can refer to our official website at any time, which is always up to date with the current privacy policy or alternatively, send an e-mail to

Whenever you travel with GREEK FLYING DOCTORS & LIFE LINE AVIATION, we know you are always in control of your personal information, so please make sure you read your rights under our Privacy Policy.


The EU General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (in force since 25 May 2018) imposes, among other things, on air carriers the obligation to ensure the free exercise of your rights and the obligation to communicate the requested information to you in a clear and understandable way.

We at GREEK FLYING DOCTORS where it belongs to the LIFE LINE AVIATION group have worked to create the process that will allow and facilitate the exercise of your rights. You can visit the website for detailed information or send an e-mail to the Personal Data Protection Department at
Don’t forget that when it comes to your personal information you have the following rights:

•The right to access information we may hold.
• The right to refuse processing of any personal data.
• The right to refuse automated decision-making and creation.


• The right to restrict the processing of personal data
• The right to data portability
• The right to correct data
• The right to delete data

REMEMBER that the data we request from you is necessary to complete your flight, to take you to the destination of your choice and to offer you any additional service you request.

We may be required by the authorities to process your personal data for security or regulatory compliance reasons.


GREEK FLYING DOCTORS & LIFE LINE AVIATION have adopted a specific system of general Rules governing the collection, use, retention, transfer, transmission and destruction of Personal Data that governs any legal processing thereof:

• Rule 1: Legality, objectivity and transparency in applied practices
personal data management. You will always know WHAT, HOW, WHY and FOR HOW MUCH.

• Rule 2: Limitation of purpose. It is always specific and legal.

• Rule 3: Minimize data. We never keep something unless it is absolutely
necessary or for a longer period than required.

• Rule 4: Data accuracy. Personal data will be accurate and, as long as it is
necessary, they will be updated.

• Rule 5: Limitation of storage period. The retention does not exceed the time limit
period than is necessary for the corresponding purpose.

• Rule 6: Integrity and confidentiality. Data security and protection
against the risk of loss or unlawful processing.

• Rule 7: Accountability. We will let you know whenever you ask and when it is

If you have made a booking through a third party, that party may also be a controller under the Act, so please ensure that you agree to provide your personal data for their own purposes as well, in a manner acceptable to you. The requested data may, in these cases, not be related to our service. Ask us about the personal data you have given us directly. By making your reservation directly and exclusively from our website, you will always be sure of the security of your personal data.