Cessna 650 Citation III

The Cessna 650 Citation III with registration number SX-FDK is one of the most reliable and best business jet aircraft.

With very high operational performance of the order of 51,000 feet flight height, 0.90 mach (460knots) speed and 2,200 nautical miles range it can meet the requirements of even the most demanding passenger, who wants to combine a high performance aircraft with a spacious cabin that gives the ability for passengers to move around all areas making the flight an unforgettable experience.

Aircraft Specifications

It is a fast twin-engine jet, known for its ability to fly at 41,000 feet, offering passengers a pleasant flight.

The Cessna 550 Citation II is a modification of Cessna’s best-selling commercial jet. It carries more passengers and goes faster than its predecessor, while still maintaining its reputation for simplicity and economy.

The Citation series of aircraft manufactured by Cessna have a spacious cabin with fully reclining seats for up to 8 passengers.

Cessna 550 Citation II

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Piper Cheyenne II PA 31T

It is a fast, twin-engine turbo prop aircraft, suitable for both corporate and charter use.

The Cheyenne II is known for its versatility, capable of landing on various sized airstrips.

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The best twin-engine aircraft in its class, offering comfort, safety and quality at the same time.

It is an extremely popular, versatile and efficient aircraft, ideal for local routes, with a unique seating configuration for four (4) passengers and light luggage.

Beechcraft Baron 58

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The AGUSTA A109C is a luxurious, streamlined, high-performance twin-engine helicopter, equipped with leather seats and a fully air-conditioned cabin.

It can accommodate up to 7 passengers traveling at a speed of 193.3 nautical miles per hour, making it ideal for covering long distances in quick times.

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