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Cooperation of Interamerican insurance company with Greek Flying Doctors, for the air ambulance transportation of the secured clients

INTERAMERICAN, in order to improve the section of personal assistance and especially in the air ambulance transportation has proceeded to a very important cooperation agreement with Greek Flying Doctors. The above mentioned aviation company provides to INTERAMERICAN 3 latest model of aircrafts in order to operate air ambulance transportation for the secured clients, in case of a sudden disease or an accident inside Greece and abroad as well.

The ability of INTERAMERICAN to perform air ambulance transportation is also based on its cooperation with the AirLift aviation company which provides the use of helicopter where the access with an aircraft is not possible. This year from the 1st of January up to now, have been performed 74 air ambulance transportation flights, of which 32 of them with a helicopter and 42 of them with an aircraft regarding also collaborations with foreign insurance companies.

The leadership of INTERAMERICAN insurance company in the section of immediate medical assistance is also obvious from the movement of its private ambulances, which into the period from January to July have responded to 2.101 incidents.

As Mr George Valais, the general manager of INTERAMERICAN Assistance said: “Our company creates a great social chapter, which is really important in this period, and does not rely only on the support of its secured clients”.


Published on 24/07/2012 in the website

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