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ATE Asfalistiki” insurance company provides free cover for the emergency Air Ambulance Transportation to everybody who is secured in the Health Insurance Providence in the whole Greek territory.

The specific service is provided, in cooperation with Greek Flying Doctors, a leader in the Air Ambulance Transportation, for over 20 years  all over Greece.

ATE Asfalistiki” has upgraded the current insurance coverage, in order to provide Immediate Air Ambulance Transportation in case of an emergency incident, such as an accident, a sudden disease or an urgent medical need, where the transportation has to be made immediately by an aircraft of by a helicopter.

The above mentioned insurance company provides the financial coverage for such a transportation, without any extra charges to the client who has the Health Insurance Providence.

Conclusively, the clients who have the specific insurance can be transported immediately and free to the nearest hospital/medical centre that is related accordingly with the medical need in each case. The extremely high financial cost (which in a different case should be payed in advance), the conditions that are presupposed and the complicated circumstances in each case, render such an insurance provision, really valuable.

In addition, the prompt medical assistance and the immediate air ambulance transportation are included in the services of the “Open Health Line” support centre of ATE Asfalistiki insurance company, which is accessible to its’ clients 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, in the following telephone numbers: 210.62.88077 (for a mobile phone) and 801.11.41051 (for a conventional phone). There is a whole support mechanism that will obtain the support of each medical/health incident, separately and effectively.

According to the manager of Life and Health providence of the ATE Asfalistiki insurance company, Mr. D. Krumbholz, “Our cooperation with Greek Flying Doctors,gives us the opportunity to expand our services regarding our support centre, providing free Air Ambulance Transportation to our insured clients, in the Health Providence.

It is a sum of services that allows us to stand by our clients, reacting immediate in difficult situations and circumstances, which are possible to happen, minimizing the unpleasant consequences”.


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