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Ydrogios insurance company sets a “Life Bridge”

Priceless assistance to its secured clients offers Ydrogios insurance company with the new “Life Bridge” program. In case of a disease or an accident this program provides the chance for air ambulance transportation to residents of every part of Greece.

This insurance contract gives the chance to the insured person to earn the benefits of an immediate assistance and air ambulance transportation in an emergency health problem as well as of the restitution of the family in case of the loss of one of its members due to a sudden accident. That is why the “Life Bridge” program is an extremely valuable insurance shield, especially for the residents of the remote areas of our country.

Specifically, the program includes:

  • Emergency Air Ambulance Transportation, with the escort of a doctor, in the case of an emergency accident or sudden disease that cannot be treated in a hospital/medical center of the area that the insured person resides, or need further medical assistance/examinations that are available in another city or maybe another country.

  • Ambulance transportation, in the case the transportation cannot be provided from the EKAB centre (the national centre of immediate medical assistance) where the patient/injured person needs to be transferred from a hospital to another one, or to its house, or maybe to a diagnostic centre for further medical examinations.

  • Cooperating assistance centre (tel. 210 9601387), which is available to the secured clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, in order to provide the first guidance, regarding a health/accident occurrence, useful details about pharmacies, hospitals and doctors on duty all over Greece, and other information which might needed as well.

  • Financial support of the family of the secured person, in case of a sudden death of him by an accident, with the providence of the amount of 15.000 euro to the family. The annual insurance premium of the above mentioned program is 30 euro for one person or 40 euro for the whole family.

The program can also be used for the group insurance of a Municipality, a Community, or any kind of groups as employees in a private company or in a public organization etc, with the financial providence of 3.000 euro in case of a sudden death caused by an accident, and with an annual premium of 12 euro.

The medical assistance services and the air ambulance transportation are performed based in the cooperation of the insurance company with Greek Flying Doctors, the leader aviation company in the ambulance transportation flights all over Greece, which is based in Athens International Airport and has more than 20 years of experience in its industry.

The new program is available from the insurance intermediaries of Ydrogios, to the residents of all Greece.

Published on 20/11/2014 in the website

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