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Greek Flying Doctors: The unique Hellenic airline company operating air ambulance transportation

Greek Flying Doctors expanding its’ aircraft fleet and enhancing its’ capacity, in advantage of the insurance companies who is cooperating with, remains the first and unique airline company in Greece which operates air ambulance transportation.

The goal of the company is to achieve the highest level of the customer service of its clients, and the main advantage in order to do so, is that it operates air ambulance flights all over Greece through the variety of private aviation means. This will always be the main intention of the company, considering the geographical location of our country (a big number of islands) and how difficult can sometimes can be the immediate access to each part of it. The continuously expanding fleet of Greek Flying Doctors gives the change to the company, to extend its’ services in a big amount of foreign countries, operating air ambulance flights all over  Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa.

The biggest proof of the remarkable work of Greek Flying Doctors is the efficiency of their activity, during the Libyan Civil War. It has been one of the first airline companies that rushed to undertake the responsibility of such a difficult transportation of injured Libyan people to Greek and European hospitals/medical centers. At the same time Greek Flying Doctors has earned the confidence of its clients, as it has a successful cooperation with the American Embassy in Greece, the Health Ministry of Cyprus, the Italian Embassy in Greece and the “Onassio” cardiology hospital in Athens.

The aircraft fleet:

The continuous extension of Greek Flying Doctors with new collaborations with many Greek insurance companies, which cover the need of an air ambulance transportation in their life/car contracts, has exceeded the necessity for expansion of its’ fleet , which now consists of five (5) owned aircrafts:


  • One Cessna Citation 650 III, SX-FDK
  • One Cessna Citation 550 IIS, SX-FDA
  • One Piper Cheyenne II, SX-FDC
  • One Piper Navajo 31P, SX-FDE
  • One Beech craft Baron 58,SX-API

The sanitary equipment of the company is updated every two years, with the latest available in the international market, with certification: JAR 145 from the American FAA or the European EASA and is approved to be used in every means of air transportation.

The excellent-trained staff of the company, which consists of a highly experienced team of pilots, ex-employees in Hellenic Air Force and Olympic Airways, a team of aircraft engineers, doctors and medical crew, and a large group of executives trained for the best support and assistance in every service and activity of the company, under the guidance of Mr Konstantinos Kanellis and Mr Dimitrios Kanellis who are the core of the coordination and support of the company, constituting  the secret of success and expansion of Greek Flying Doctors company. Each incident is treated with extra care and always with the view of the immediate and safe transportation of the patient, giving the word “HELP” between the insured person and the insurance company, the warmest and more human meaning. This is the main reason why Greek Flying Doctors is the main and unique partner of the biggest insurance companies in Greece.

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