Airlifted Melissas little one from Bari Italy to Dubai.

Greek Flying Doctors performed yet another successful airlift of an infant from Bari, Italy to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The one-year-old girl suffers from a degenerative disease SMA type 1 which is also its most severe form.

Children with SMA type 1 cannot sit unsupported and hold their head up. They have difficulty swallowing, breathing and feeding.

Spinal muscular atrophy robs muscle strength by affecting nerve cells in the spine, progressively reducing the ability to walk, swallow and breathe.

Given the difficulty of the incident, our company organized with our company’s state-of-the-art Jet SX-FDK the transport of little Melissa.

The interior of the plane was set up like a “hospital room” to offer our little patient all the safety and comfort these patient cases require.

The transfer was carried out safely and the infant was transferred to a hospital in Dubai to continue his treatment.

We thank all the involved members, all our partners as well as the human resources of our company who worked flawlessly to make this airlift possible.

We wish little Melissa the best.