Air Transport Ankara – Limassol

The little Turkish Cypriot Asia Polatli, who suffers from SMA spinal muscular atrophy, arrived earlier today at Larnaca airport, via Greece, to begin treatment in the free areas of Cyprus.

Asia was transported by plane-ambulance accompanied by her parents and Greek nurses. It should be noted that Asia was transferred from the occupied territories to Turkey but it was not possible to offer her treatment as they could not secure a gene drug which is very expensive and could only be offered to Turkish citizens and not to Turkish Cypriots. For this reason, the little girl was given Turkish citizenship, but the medicine was not secured.

Little Asia will be hospitalized in a hospital in the free zones where the necessary tests will be done to begin her treatment. The Cypriot Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipandelas, has stated that the order for the medicine needed for the little girl’s gene therapy has been placed.

Little Asia’s case has mobilized a large group of volunteers in the Turkish Cypriot community to raise money and save her life. A concert is also being organized to raise money for the little one’s treatment within days.